Zesti Smoke

Making safe liquid smoke

Ruitenberg offers a complete assortment of Zesti®Smoke products, produced in the USA, that are selected for their high quality properties. Zesti®Smoke is based on pure, natural raw materials and all products comply with the European Regulation on smoke flavours. The flavour is based on hickory and oak wood. The wood is pyrolysed and then the smoke cloud is condensed in order to obtain a smoke with the required composition. All potentially harmful smoke gases, solid elements like PAH’s, tar and char are removed during processing. These undesirable components are recycled as fuel back into the process, eliminating them as pollutants. The primary smoke is then processed into the desired derivative. Zesti®Smoke acts both as a natural antioxidant and as an antimicrobial component to help preserve foods and prolong shelf life by retarding fat rancidity and bacterial growth. The product creates flavour and colour that adds no calories or fat to the food.

Tailor made solutions

Different components of smoke are responsible for imparting flavour, colour, texture and/or preservation onto foods. Whether it concerns phenols (for flavour), acids (for flavour, colour and texture) or carbonyls (for preservation, colour or texture), the patented Zesti® processes makes sure that the right components are emphasized. This gives each smoke the ability to deliver the unique taste, colour, texture and shelf life properties that you desire.

Own production in the Netherlands

The wide knowledge as well as test and production facilities of Ruitenberg in The Netherlands make it possible to offer not only standard but also tailor made solutions all over Europe. Limited only by imagination, we are able to create your specific taste or colour for a wide variety of food products - from fine whiskey to frankfurters, from corn chips to salsa. Every single compound can be clearly proclaimed “smoke flavour” for the ultimate truth in labelling. All smokes are available in Clean Label version, this means they do not contain undesirable additives or allergens. At your request we are able to adapt pH-value to improve your process. Our technologists are specialists in the cross-linking of smoke and collagen. This makes us experts in fixation of the casing during the coex process.


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