“Print your logo on your products using edible ink? Rudin®Jet is what you need!”


From hype to reality. Using Rudin®Jet as an edible and colouring ‘ink’, we nowadays print illustrations on bakery products such as hamburger buns, on an industrial scale and at an industrial speed. The technology for industrial 2D printing has made new demands of our colourings and glossing agents. Rudin®Jet is a new technology developed by Ruitenberg together with one of our partners, all the way from the drawing board to the actual industrial applications.

In doing so, we have combined functional ingredient know-how with the expertise in final applications and processes. And we’re delighted with the results! Rudin®Jet enables you to give your products a personal touch via a printing technique. Besides a personal print, your company logo for example, we can now also print texts such as ‘wholemeal’, or even illustrations which characterise the product. Thanks to the printed product, consumers can see what exactly they are buying, a cheese or a chocolate croissant, or who produced it.

3D-printing is another new technology which is quickly gaining ground within the food industry. At Ruitenberg, we’re convinced that these types of innovations will once again alter the demands made of ingredients. We love the challenge of developing our ingredients solutions based on the 2D print experience, to make them suitable for the current food printers and the 3D printers of the future. As far as we’re concerned, printed food is by no means a temporary trend but rather a modern technology under development.





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Innovation as main ingredient