Product Developer Tomas Kuijpers:
“We deploy our knowledge of alginate to develop a suitable VegaCasing for each process.”


Alginate is the basis for Rudin®VegaCasing and Rudin®VegaBinder, products used for co-extrusion of sausages and the manufacture of restructured meat and fish products. The development of new alginate-based products is a continuous process, initiated both by new developments in the ingredients field and by customer requests for new and specific applications. We deploy our expertise of alginate analysis and alginate technology amassed over the years, in order to create these new products and to guarantee the functionality of existing products.

The rheological properties of each new Rudin®VegaCasing are examined in great detail, for example, in order to predict the extrusion properties and to guarantee the product functionality for our customers. We also continue to enhance our fundamental knowledge of the properties of various alginates, in order to understand how changes at molecular level may influence the functionality of our finished products.

Over the past 15 years, Rudin®VegaCasing has become a tried and trusted formula for sausage producers all over the world. However, it is far from becoming a commodity, as each type of sausage requires a different type of Rudin®VegaCasing. And due to each type of meat filling potentially reacting uniquely, we like to support you when starting up Rudin®VegaCasing on a co-extrusion line.

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