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Although we prefer to get personally acquainted with all our customers, we’re pleased to give you a digital peek behind the scenes in this section. It will give you an idea of who we are.

This also allows us to update you on the latest developments and trends in nutrition, insofar as they affect our activities in the chain. You’ll find any notifications and press releases on cooperative agreements with knowledge institutes, or on our presence at trade shows such as the IBA and the IFFA. Naturally, we’re pleased to share any articles and reports on new developments or applications. And you’ll occasionally find a contribution by one of our colleagues, discussing one of our functional applications.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

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International trade shows

9 November 2016

As a player on the international food market and an active member of the production chain, we regularly participate in leading trade shows such as the IFFA (meat) and IBA (bakery and convenience). We can also be found at regional trade shows, for example the CFIA in Rennes in France.

These are the ideal locations for us to meet our esteemed customers and to become acquainted with new prospects. They also give us the best possible opportunity to present new concepts and applications to a wider audience.

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Developing vegetable protein fibres

1 July 2015

At the start of this year a collaboration was launched between NIZO food research and Ruitenberg Ingredients. At Ruitenberg, we are using technology developed by NIZO in order to bring a new ingredient to the market: fibrous plant proteins.

The collaboration is based on Ruitenberg’s years of experience in the meat and bakery products field and NIZO Food Research’s world-leading expertise in the field of protein. At Ruitenberg, we also have our own production facilities.

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Innovation as main ingredient