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Although we prefer to get personally acquainted with all our customers, we’re pleased to give you a digital peek behind the scenes in this section. It will give you an idea of who we are.

This also allows us to update you on the latest developments and trends in nutrition, insofar as they affect our activities in the chain. You’ll find any notifications and press releases on cooperative agreements with knowledge institutes, or on our presence at trade shows such as the IBA and the IFFA. Naturally, we’re pleased to share any articles and reports on new developments or applications. And you’ll occasionally find a contribution by one of our colleagues, discussing one of our functional applications.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

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Merry Christmas!

20 December 2019

Dear valued customer,

Did you visit us at the IFFA in Frankfurt earlier this year? Where you probably tried our new Rudin®ProVega concept for vegetarian snacks from our typical Dutch snack wall? Or maybe we met at the FI Europe, in Paris, earlier this month, where we made you taste the same vegetarian snacks.

At the end of the year we really like to thank you for having worked together so pleasantly and creatively lately.

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Offices and warehouses closed week 52

14 November 2019

Because of Christmas our offices and warehouses are closed from 23 until 27 December.

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Official opening production site Ruinerwold

19 September 2019

Recently, we celebrated the official opening of our new production site in Ruinerwold. A very special day indeed!

The new building definitely is an amazing, sustainable and spacious one, offering us a flexible way of managing production processes.

At the opening ceremony a ‘last stone’ was put into place – a provisional one, so technically, it was the second last one. Three members of the 4th generation of the Ruitenberg family executed this operation to perfection.

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IFFA 2019

6 June 2019

Dear IFFA-visitor,

Thank you for joining us! It has definitely been our pleasure talking to you and letting you taste some of the new concepts we presented at this year’s IFFA. Like our vegetarian nuggets, for instance. We hope you enjoyed the experience of a unique vegetarian snack moment at our typically Dutch ‘snack wall’.

However, maybe you missed the opportunity to attend the IFFA this time. Or maybe you would like to know whether we can offer some other possibilities to help you developing a new product or improving an existing one.

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New factory Ruinerwold nearly completed

28 May 2019

After a construction period of a mere eight months, we recently witnessed the completion of our new production site in Ruinerwold. At the same time, the first bee hotel proofed to be ready for use.

The new factory turns out to be great, so we can hardly wait to start working there. In the upcoming months, however, we still have to move both equipment and supplies from the old building to the new one.

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Ruitenberg Ingredients will join CFIA again this year

21 February 2019

Next month, agrifood fair CFIA will traditionally be held again in Rennes, France. You are most welcome to come and see us on 12, 13 or 14 March, in a new hall, number 4, at stand A58. It will be our pleasure to make you familiar with our concepts for the meat, bakery and convenience sector. One of the concepts we would like to show you is our Rudin®ProVega, a protein structure which can be used as an alternative for meat in various products.

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Construction of production location Ruinerwold makes steady progress

5 December 2018

In recent years, the production and storage area in Ruinerwold started to become a bit tight. If we want to continue developing our business operations here, we need more space. Thanks to this new building, which is emerging behind the existing unit, we will have a larger, more efficiently equipped production area at our disposal. And that should keep us going for a while!

Two months ago, the green light was given to start construction.

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15 November 2018

Did you notice the rising popularity of vegetables? How they are processed and consumed in different ways lately, such as wraps, pizza crusts, snacks, etcetera?
We felt inspired by this trend and started developing our ‘Vegetaballs’ , a snack concept based on co-extrusion of a vegetable dough with a tasteful filling.

Which vegetable would you like to see transformed into a Vegetaball? Feel free to come and discover the possibilities with us!

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Ruitenberg present at this year’s IBA

6 August 2018

This year, the international trade fair for bakery and snacks will be held in Munich from September 15 up and until September 20. As usual, at Ruitenberg we have been developing new concepts, with which we respond to current customer trends worldwide. We will be presenting new savoury fillings especially for vegetarian snacks. Also, we would like you to experience edible ink. Did we manage to make you curious?

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8 May 2018

Another anniversary for Ruitenberg: 80 years ago, Willem Ruitenberg started an agency in potato starch and pectin. The rest may be history, however, we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the commitment and enthusiasm of all our employees.

Early April, we celebrated this remarkable anniversary together with employees and family members. Busses took all of us to Oberhausen, where we enjoyed the OVO show by Cirque du Soleil. Such an amazing show with incredible performances of the acrobats and such lovely costumes and staging!

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