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Although we prefer to get personally acquainted with all our customers, we’re pleased to give you a digital peek behind the scenes in this section. It will give you an idea of who we are.

This also allows us to update you on the latest developments and trends in nutrition, insofar as they affect our activities in the chain. You’ll find any notifications and press releases on cooperative agreements with knowledge institutes, or on our presence at trade shows such as the IBA and the IFFA. Naturally, we’re pleased to share any articles and reports on new developments or applications. And you’ll occasionally find a contribution by one of our colleagues, discussing one of our functional applications.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

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Information on our business operations during the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19)

20 March 2020

Ruitenberg Ingredients plays a small yet important role in the food chain in The Netherlands, Europe and overseas. We produce and sell a wide range of ingredients that are used in products that can be found in the supermarkets on a daily basis.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have taken measures to protect our employees and to make sure that we can carry on with our daily business operations.
With regard to the sourcing,

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Merry Christmas!

20 December 2019

Dear valued customer,

Did you visit us at the IFFA in Frankfurt earlier this year? Where you probably tried our new Rudin®ProVega concept for vegetarian snacks from our typical Dutch snack wall? Or maybe we met at the FI Europe, in Paris, earlier this month, where we made you taste the same vegetarian snacks.

At the end of the year we really like to thank you for having worked together so pleasantly and creatively lately.

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GreenProtein project

2 December 2018


Ruitenberg Ingredients b.v. is taking part in the EU funded project GreenProtein. The GreenProtein project aims at producing high-added value, food-grade and fully functional proteins and other food ingredients, out of vegetable residues from the packed salad processing.

Our role within the project will be to translate the functional properties of the protein into selected applications in order to reduce the time to market. We focus on meat and meat replacement as well as bakery and convenience products.

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Fibre structure perfect replacement for meat

29 May 2018

Interview EVMI May 2018

From savoury fillings for bakery markets to animal-friendly sources of protein with the characteristic fibre structure of real meat. Ruitenberg Ingredients focuses on niches with added value in the international market for ingredients and semi-finished products. One new addition is Rudin ProVega: thanks to its fibre structure, this meat substitute perfectly replaces chicken, pulled pork and fibrous meat.

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New consortium starts PULSE project, aimed at protein transition

13 October 2017

Research on pea, faba bean and lupin provides impulse into application of plant-based proteins in our diet

We need to increase the proportion of plant-based proteins in our diet if we are to meet future global food demand in a sustainable way. Legumes are a good source of these proteins, ideally locally grown. But further research is needed. PULSE, a recently approved SIA-RAAK consortium, focusses on developing high-quality protein ingredients from legumes.

PULSE (Protein Utilisation from Legumes for a Sustainable European crop) is a collaboration between HAS University of Applied Sciences and contract research organisation NIZO,

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Developing vegetable protein fibres

1 July 2015

At the start of this year a collaboration was launched between NIZO food research and Ruitenberg Ingredients. At Ruitenberg, we are using technology developed by NIZO in order to bring a new ingredient to the market: fibrous plant proteins.

The collaboration is based on Ruitenberg’s years of experience in the meat and bakery products field and NIZO Food Research’s world-leading expertise in the field of protein. At Ruitenberg, we also have our own production facilities.

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Innovation as main ingredient