Co-extrusion of dough


  • Dough without yeast, simply add flour and margarine
  • Neutral flavour, suitable for sweet and savoury applications
  • Clean label and gluten-free options
  • Suitable for pumping
  • For use on a standard lamination line

More information: Processing, Co-extrusion



  • Stable upon baking, freezing and defrosting
  • Simple to use
  • Available either as a powder or a ready-to-use liquid filling (RTU)
  • Sweet and savoury versions
  • If required, fresh garnishing can be added

More information: Texture, Functional Fillings


Rudin®Glaze Deco

  • For adhesion of decorations such as seeds on bakery products
  • Adds colour and gloss
  • No egg needed
  • For use after baking, and suitable for freezing
  • Available as a powder for easy dissolving

More information: Texture, Egg Replacement





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