R&D Manager Marian Verbruggen:
“We love the challenge of very special requests. Our first reaction is not likely to be 'no'.”


Each day, we do our best to be a source of inspiration for our customers. You’re always welcome in our tech centres in order to work with our product developers and application technologists on your desired product. You can also develop interesting concepts together with us, in which our functional ingredients solutions can make all the difference.

Ruitenberg’s strength lies in our enthusiasm and our knowledge of ingredients, processes and finished products, which we combine with state-of-the-art processing equipment in our tech centres. Our focus is on meat, fish and meat substitutes, bakery, snacks and confectionery. We’re proud of our test centers which house not only the more day-to-day equipment but also professional co-extrusion equipment, even on a production scale. We concentrate on developing sausages, filled meat or bakery products, snacks and liquorice. The best possible results are achieved through effective cooperation with machine developers and suppliers of ingredients, as well as our conviction that the only way forward is that of Innovation & Inspiration.

All this allows a quick and mainly problem-free translation from product development to production at your location. You will continue to receive support from our application technologists during the process, as they travel the world to assist our customers, and to stay in touch. They ensure your continued satisfaction with our ingredients.





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Innovation as main ingredient