Meat Substitutes


  • Structured plant-based proteins as meat replacement
  • Various sources such as pea, soy and lupin
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan applications
  • Fibrous texture comparable with meat
  • Directly applicable in shaping machines

More information: Processing, Protein technology



  • Plant-based, edible sausage casing
  • Continuous production of sausage is possible
  • Vegetarian, kosher and halal
  • Plant based, from seaweed extract
  • Directly applicable in further processing such as smoking, boiling, deep fat frying and drying
  • For various finished products such as dried, fresh, hanging, deep fat fried and boiled sausages
  • Matt, glossy and coloured versions

More information: Processing, Alginate technology



  • Functional blend for vegetarian and vegan products
  • Colour and flavour for meat alternatives
  • Alternative for animal proteins

More information: Texture, Protein technology





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