About Ruitenberg

About us

Ruitenberg Ingredients is (more than simply) a family-owned business and pioneer in discovering creative and innovative solutions for the food industry. Here, ideas, ingredients and processes all come together.

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"Ingredients is what we do, innovation is who we are"

Every day our passionate team is an inspiration to the food industry. We bring knowledge and ingredients together in creative solutions. This is quite simply our raison d’être and a statement of the ambition which drives us. It makes no mention of any desire to be the largest market player, for example. That’s just not on our list. Instead, our family firm employing around 80 people can get up close to our customers and truly react to their requirements. We all know each other, which is extremely useful in serving and inspiring the food industry with our knowledge of ingredients.

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“Customised quality is guaranteed”

Needless to say, customised quality is guaranteed at Ruitenberg Ingredients, and all company members make their own contribution. Our quality team comprises seven staff members who are involved in all stages of the process – from development to sales. Only then can you be assured of a high-quality and safe product in keeping with all your requirements.

Our QA staff work at validation, hazard analysis of raw materials (based on the RiskPlaza database), legislation, specifications, questionnaires, customer requests, hygiene checks, certification, training and audits.

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“Welcome to our beautiful family company!”

I’m Elsowina Ruitenberg, and as family ambassador and member of the third generation Ruitenberg, I’d like to take you back in time to where it all began.

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“Working together to find innovative solutions”

Behind every great innovation, there is a team of even greater staff. Ruitenberg is no exception. Each individual plays an important role: from development, sales, quality and finance to production and logistics. All these dedicated specialists work together day in day out to ensure that our fantastic solutions can be utilised by the food industry.

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