Liquid Smoke

Product Developer Emmelie Jakobsen:
“Liquid smoke is old school technology dressed up to be modern.”

Meat and fish have been smoked all over the world since prehistoric times, to preserve them and also to add colour and flavour. The cavemen would have been blissfully unaware that the traditional method of smoking also has disadvantages, which can be largely offset by using smoke condensates, i.e. wood smoke in water.

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QC Analyst Linda Achtereekte:
“All our products are subjected to strict checks in our lab before dispatch.”

All incoming ingredients and outgoing products are checked in the Quality Control department. How? By means of various analyses. We also attach great importance to organoleptic testing. Whenever possible, products are assessed in terms of their appearance, colour, smell and flavour. Reference products are available in order to make a fair comparison, and the product is carefully scrutinised to assess whether it meets the requirements (often in cooperation with our Application colleagues).

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