Who are we?

Ruitenberg Ingredients is (more than simply) a family-owned business and pioneer in discovering creative and innovative solutions for the food industry. Here, ideas, ingredients and processes all come together. These three fundamentals form the basis for successful development of functional concepts and applications. Whenever possible, we work in close collaboration with our customers, and even go one step further. Our application technologists will supervise commissioning of the solutions developed for you, at your premises. Because we are only happy when you are!

Ruitenberg can provide you with a wide range of quality concepts and applications, for the bakery, meat and confectionery sectors. These might include (savoury) fillings, dough concepts, egg replacers, alginate applications, such as the VegaCasing® technology, structured plant proteins (Rudin®ProVega), liquid smoke, 2D and 3D food printing and ingredients for liquorice and confectionery.

We also continually invest in developing new concepts and solutions. We like to think along with you on the one hand, but we also greatly appreciate you challenging us if you’re active in some other segment of the food branch, on the other hand.

In a nutshell: what can we do for you?