Rudin®CleanSmoke: the sustainable alternative to conventional smoking in every respect

Are you still smoking in a conventional way? How about trying to use atomizing with Rudin®CleanSmoke in your smoking cabinet? Rudin®CleanSmoke is a purified smoke typically applied in an atomization process, in which it is turned into a smoke cloud again by using pressed air. This smoke cloud is almost identical to a conventional one.

In such a controlled smoking process, all parameters such as time, temperature, humidity and circulating air speed meet the conditions of conventional smoking. Rudin®CleanSmoke has the same major characteristics, like taste, colour and preservation, as conventional smoke.

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Cleaner production process with Rudin®CleanSmoke

A significant benefit of the Rudin®Smoke technology is that your smoked products will not be affected by pollutants. During the production of the primary smoke condensate, harmful substances such as ash, soot, tar and PAHs are filtered out of the smoke in a multi-stage cleaning process. This is why the European Union explicitly supports the use of primary smoke condensates, see Regulation (EC) NO 2065/2003.

Having our own quality assurance department, we can give you all adequate information about regulations, answer your questions about labelling etc. Our Quality Control department analyses the essential parameters of the smoke in order to guarantee a consistent smoke quality.


Sustainable processing with Rudin®CleanSmoke

CleanSmoked foods impress with a much better life-cycle assessment (LCA). For example, smoking with primary smoke condensate produces up to 80 percent less CO2 emission but also up to 80 percent less particulate matter than conventional smoking. As the atomization process is performed in a closed circuit, no emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) are released.

Besides, by atomizing, you will be able to save up to 50% of processing time in your smoking cabinet. And you will need less detergent to clean your cabinet.

Technical support by our experts

At Ruitenberg, we have more than 25 year of experience working with purified Rudin®Smoke. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we can assist you in creating a customized smoke profile in beech, oak or hickory for your products. Upon request, we will demonstrate the atomization process at your production facility with our mobile atomizing unit. Alternatively, you are very welcome to come and experience it in our Technology Centre in Twello (The Netherlands).


  • Healthier smoking process
  • Consistent colour and taste
  • Kosher
  • Significant increase of production capacity
  • Low capital costs, quick return on investment
  • Weight-loss reduction (3-5% yield improvement)