Protein Technology

Application Technologist Sabrina Buitenhuis:
“A ready-made protein structure for meat substitutes. You determine the flavour and juiciness.”

One or more meat-free days per week is a popular choice nowadays, and the supermarket shelf offering meat substitutes is rapidly growing. The choice of protein sources is still limited, however, and the quality of finished products varies. The current vegetable sources are soy and wheat proteins, along with proteins produced from milk or fungi.

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Functional Fillings

Product Developer Marcel Steman:
“If you’re looking for functional fillings, look no further.”

Our Rudin®Fillings remain stable after baking, freezing and defrosting, and have many different uses. In order to keep a filling stable after cooking, we deploy our expertise in thickening agents, combining the various ingredients correctly to give a high-quality and unique finished product.

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Egg Replacers

QA Officer Geert Borkent:
“When you think Ruitenberg, you think quality. Guaranteed by the FSSC certificate.”

Take our egg replacer Rudin®Glaze, for example. It’s a powder which, once dissolved, gives your dough products a beautiful gloss and golden brown colour. And thanks to Rudin®Glaze Deco, decorations stick well to the surface of your products, even after freezing and baking. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of these two powders.

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