Quality Manager Regien Boekema:
“For us it is quite obvious to guarantee customised quality.”

Needless to say, customised quality is guaranteed at Ruitenberg Ingredients, and all company members make their own contribution. Our quality team comprises seven staff members who are involved in all stages of the process – from development to sales. Only then can you be assured of a high-quality and safe product in keeping with all your requirements.

Our QA staff work at validation, hazard analysis of raw materials (based on the RiskPlaza database), legislation, specifications, questionnaires, customer requests, hygiene checks, certification, training and audits.

Our QC colleagues conduct extremely specific analyses, often developed in-house, to guarantee product quality, while ISO 17025:2005 certified external laboratories are contracted to carry out the more standard analyses and those required by law.

Ruitenberg is FSSC 22000 certified (LRQA) for all production locations.

Any specific requirements? The possibilities are endless. Examples include:

Kosher (OK Kosher, Circle K):
– Rudin®VegaCasing
– Rudin®Smoke

Halal (Halal Quality Control):
– Rudin®VegaCasing
– Rudin®Smoke

RSPO (Control Union):
– Rudin®Filling SG and MB variants

Organic certification (SKAL)
– Specific Rudin®VegaCasing applications

Allergens: ask us about the options to avoid specific allergens.