Our Mission

Managing Director Ward van der Kaaij:
“Ingredients is what we do, innovation is who we are.”

“Every day our passionate team is an inspiration to the food industry. We bring knowledge and ingredients together in creative solutions.”

This is quite simply our raison d’être and a statement of the ambition which drives us. It makes no mention of any desire to be the largest market player, for example. That’s just not on our list. Instead, our family firm employing around 80 people can get up close to our customers and truly react to their requirements. We all know each other, which is extremely useful in serving and inspiring the food industry with our knowledge of ingredients.

So what is our driving force? We love finding creative solutions. Solutions for your problem. In fact, we want to take a further step up the ambitions ladder, to find solutions for issues that the food industry faces. Creativity is the ability to break with patterns and customs, and to develop something original. That’s our strength. And it’s also what drives us.

Of course, we need good background knowledge, as creativity without knowledge simply leads to chaos, which is not our style. In order to creatively break with patterns and customs, we first need to be familiar with precisely those patterns and customs. In our profession, this translates into knowledge of existing applications with combinations of existing ingredients. We also need an understanding of the processes and machines used in the food industry to process our ingredients. And of the latest developments in our ingredients. No stone is left unturned: we need to know everything in great detail. That is the precondition if creative solutions are to be sought. The process of gaining knowledge is happily a very satisfactory one, which in turn serves to motivate us even more.

Our personal, creative and knowledge-based culture makes our company a fun place to work, resulting in an enthusiastic and loyal team. Customers who come for informal test runs in Twello often confirm that. You are very welcome to join us sometime. We’ll make it an inspiring day!