The functionality of ingredients for the food industry is mainly determined by the processes with which they are produced, as well as by the machines on which they are applied. We have extensive knowledge of various processes that we love to demonstrate to you. Would you like to know more? Make a choice in the menu below to learn how we might inspire you.

Alginate Technology

Product Developer Tomas Kuijpers:
“We deploy our knowledge of alginate to develop a suitable VegaCasing for each process.”

Alginate is the basis for Rudin®VegaCasing and Rudin®VegaBinder, products used for co-extrusion of sausages and the manufacture of restructured meat and fish products. The development of new alginate-based products is a continuous process, initiated both by new developments in the ingredients field and by customer requests for new and specific applications.

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Product Developer Emiel Ligtenberg:
“You can rely on us for (co-)extrusion too!”

The basics are simple enough: the co-extrusion process combines two different flows of ingredients to form a single product. Our tech centres contain a number of co-extrusion machines by various manufacturers, allowing us to work with you to improve existing products or try out new ideas. Think in terms of applications such as the alginate sausage casing, stuffed bread and meat products or various types of filled liquorice.

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2D and 3D Food Printing

Application Technologist Arthur van Meerveld:
“Looking for a printed decoration on your product or for an accurate depositing system? Rudin®Jet is what you need!”

From hype to reality. Using Rudin®Jet as an edible and colouring ‘ink’, we nowadays print illustrations on bakery products such as hamburger rolls, on an industrial scale and at an industrial speed. The technology for industrial 2D printing has made new demands of our colourings and glossing agents. Rudin®Jet is a new technology developed by Ruitenberg together with one of our partners, all the way from the drawing board to the actual industrial applications.

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