Are you tuned in to the emerging trend of meat substitutes and reduction in meat consumption?

Now that the trend of declining meat consumption is to continue in most European countries, many manufacturers of meat products want to create their own vegetarian or plant-based alternatives. You may want to do the same, but how should you go about this?

Rudin®Plantify: a unique concept

Rudin®Plantify is a unique protein structure that can be used as an alternative for meat. Its texture, bite and juiciness are quite comparable to that of meat.

Thanks to an innovative technology we have been able to produce this plant-based protein structure, like faba bean, pea, and red lentil. By using our Rudin®Plantify, you can give your vegetarian or plant-based products the juiciness, bite and texture you want them to have.

In addition, Rudin®Plantify is very suitable for the production of hybrid products. Combine our Rudin®Plantify with meat, fish or vegetables to create a hybrid product. You can process these concepts easily and efficiently on your existing meat processing lines.

Using Rudin®Plantify on an existing processing line?

Developing a meat substitute is a complex process. At Ruitenberg, we succeeded. We will be happy to share our knowhow and experience to help you find a suitable concept that allows you to produce your new products simply and efficiently on your existing processing lines.

Co-creation and technical support

Our R&D team is your partner when it comes to co-creating vegetarian and plant-based concepts. We can help you developing customised new and innovative products based on our Rudin®Plantify structure. It goes without saying that all products will be meeting your requirements. We can assist you throughout the whole process, starting from the first conceptual ideas until the moment that you are completely satisfied with the final product.

You are very welcome to visit our Technology Centres in Twello and benefit from our knowhow to develop your own vegetarian and plant-based products based on our Rudin®Plantify. Whether you are looking for a product based on the Rudin®Plantify structure or for creating your own full concept.


  • Unique protein structure
  • Juiciness and bite comparable to meat
  • Neutral taste
  • Allergen free
  • Organic possible
  • Various protein sources possible
  • Suitable for hybrid products
  • Easily applicable on existing processing lines
  • Concept development in close collaboration with our R&D team