Batters & Binders


  • Restructures meat to give a firm and sliceable finished product
  • Suitable for the reuse of leftover meat
  • Vegetarian, kosher and halal
  • Plant based, seaweed extract
  • Available as a ready-to-use-pasta (RTU) and as a powder

More information: Processing » Alginate Technology


  • Batter to create crunchy coatings
  • Suitable for microwave, deep fat fryer and oven
  • Stable upon freezing and defrosting
  • For meat, fish, cheese and vegetables
  • Tempera batters also available

More information: Texture » Egg Replacers

Rudin®Grill Flavour

  • Grill flavours for addition to meat products
  • Non-GMO
  • Available as powders or oils
  • Top notes, low dosage possible

More information: Flavour » Liquid Smoke