Are you looking for producing sausages in a more cost-effective way? Or for using a vegetarian casing for non-meat applications?

In the early years of this millennium, Ruitenberg invented Rudin®VegaCasing. An alternative for natural, collagen or cellulose casings. We have been market leader ever since when it comes to helping produce customized meat and non-meat sausages or products on different types of co-extrusion systems. How do you want us to assist you?

Rudin®VegaCasing enables a smooth production

Rudin®VegaCasing is based on alginate, extracted from seaweed. We produce this ready-to-use gel on one of our dedicated inhouse production lines and guarantee a product of consistently high quality. When Rudin®VegaCasing is applied on a co-extrusion line, you will benefit from a smoothly running process, without lumps clogging up the nozzles. Besides, being 100% plant-based, it is also suitable for the production of vegetarian, Halal or Kosher products.

Our continuously growing knowhow and experience enables us to offer different types of VegaCasing that you can use for producing fresh, fermented, deep-fat fried and cooked sausages, to name just a few meat applications. Moreover, we can develop special casings suitable for vegetarian or plant-based products in different processes after filling.

Specialties based on alginate technology

Over the years we have also been creating various special applications based on alginate. Concepts for coating your products with herbs and spices, for instance. Or for gluing pieces of meat together, to make optimal use of your off-cuts in production.

Co-creation and technical support

Our R&D team is your partner when it comes to co-creating or improving your products using our Rudin®VegaCasing. We can assist you every step of the way throughout the process: from developing your first concept to adapting it, testing it and turning it into a final product. In our Technology Centres in Twello we have the necessary equipment available to prepare all kinds of products. Here, we can simulate various production processes, with co-extrusion as key one.

A successful implementation of Rudin®VegaCasing depends on many parameters that will vary from one product to another and from one processing line to another. We offer support by our dedicated technologists to help you set up the (co-extrusion) lines and to fine-tune them on site. Once you are running production, we remain available for technical support in case of queries.


  • Cost-efficient processing
  • 100% Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher
  • Applicable on all co-extrusion lines
  • Tailormade applications possible