Are you tuned in to the emerging trend of meat substitutes and reduction in meat consumption?

Now that the trend of declining meat consumption is to continue in most European countries, many manufacturers of meat products want to create their own vegetarian or vegan alternatives. You may want to do the same, but how should you go about this?

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Are you looking for producing sausages in a more cost-effective way? Or for using a vegetarian casing for non-meat applications?

In the early years of this millennium, Ruitenberg invented Rudin®VegaCasing. An alternative for natural, collagen or cellulose casings. We have been market leader ever since when it comes to helping produce customized meat and non-meat sausages or products on different types of co-extrusion systems. How do you want us to assist you?

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Rudin®CleanSmoke: the sustainable alternative to conventional smoking in every respect

Are you still smoking in a conventional way? How about trying to use atomizing with Rudin®CleanSmoke in your smoke cabinet? Rudin®CleanSmoke is a purified smoke typically applied in an atomization process, in which it is turned into a smoke cloud again by using pressed air. This smoke cloud is almost identical to a conventional one.

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Looking for a printed decoration on your product or for an accurate depositing system?

We might have the solution you are looking for. At Ruitenberg, we have been developing Rudin®Jet to be used as specialty solution on a Food Jet printing system. Rudin®Jet is available as a decorating ink or as a functional layer and can be accurately dosed or printed on your products.

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