Still smoking meat or fish in a conventional way? How about using your smoke cabinet for atomizing instead? No more PAHs, no more tar, no more ashes.

Try our Rudin®CleanSmoke and discover the advantages of a cleaner, duly filtered and condensed smoke. Healthier for your customers. And a cleaner, healthier way of processing at your premises. You will even be able to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Rudin®CleanSmoke?
With Rudin®CleanSmoke, we can help you achieve the exact colour, taste and shelf life you wish for your products. We are the experts in developing and producing a custom-made smoke recipe entirely according to your requirements. It goes without saying that Rudin®CleanSmoke offers outstanding product quality.

How can we help you?
All you need to do is use your smoke cabinet for atomizing, in order to benefit from our new Rudin®CleanSmoke. Upon request, we will come and show you how by demonstrating our mobile atomizing unit at your premises. We can work with your settings, while no harm is done to your smoke cabinet.
Alternatively, you are very welcome to come and test Rudin®CleanSmoke in our Technology Centres. We will be happy to advise.

Do you want to experience Rudin®CleanSmoke yourself? Contact us and make an appointment!

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