Product Technologist Yvonne Brouwer:
“We have a nose for tasty products.”


It will come as no surprise that at Ruitenberg, we have a strong focus on sensory properties. Although we do not manufacture finished products, we realise how important it is that the products we supply contribute to the tasty and functional finished products of our customers. As product developers therefore, we invest a great deal of time and energy in creating the best flavour combinations, using only quality ingredients to give the best possible sensory experience. Our range features a great diversity of ingredients, such as grill flavours.

The internal sensory panel, manned by Ruitenberg colleagues from all departments, is regularly deployed on many different fronts. To give their opinion, for example: “I like that, I don’t like that”, or to conduct a comparison test (which piece of liquorice tastes different?). But also when assistance is required during a development process: which product gives the best grilled flavour? Which colour is exactly right? Which product most closely resembles the customer’s intended product? The panel is also available to you, as our customer, of course.





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