Fillings, all senses alert

Colour, flavour, appearance of Rudin®Filling

QC Analyst Linda Achtereekte:
“All our products are subjected to strict checks in our lab before dispatch.”

All incoming ingredients and outgoing products are checked in the Quality Control department. How? By means of various analyses. We also attach great importance to organoleptic testing. Whenever possible, products are assessed in terms of their appearance, colour and flavour. Reference products are available in order to make a fair comparison, and the product is carefully scrutinised to assess whether it meets the requirements (often in cooperation with our application colleagues). Does the Rudin®Filling Omelet have the right structure and is the egg recognisable? Is the cinnamon flavour strong enough in the apple and cinnamon filling?

Analysing structure and texture of Rudin®Filling

But we also ask ourselves: are there sufficient vegetable chunks in the Rudin®Filling Texmex and is it spicy enough, how about the colour of the Rudin®Filling Satay? Our colleagues in the QC department are trained to conduct these tests, while we also have a wide range of rheological and analytical equipment with which we can measure organoleptic product properties. The Texture Analyser is used to test the firmness of fresh fillings, such as the ham-cheese filling. It allows us to predict whether the filling will be firm enough to stay in place in a bread roll. Of course, such analyses are also made for all other product categories, for example the colori meter can be deployed to assess the colour intensity of Rudin®Black and Rudin®Smoke.

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