Liquid Smoke

Traditional use of wood for smoking food

Product Developer Emmelie Jakobsen:
“Liquid smoke is old school technology dressed up to be modern.”

Meat and fish have been smoked all over the world since prehistoric times, to preserve them and also to add colour and flavour. The cavemen would have been blissfully unaware that the traditional method of smoking also has disadvantages, which can be largely offset by using smoke condensates, i.e. wood smoke in water. According to the EFSA, the technique is also healthier than traditional wood smoking, (see section (6) of regulation (EC) No 2065/2003).

Rudin®Smoke for dipping, drenching, flavouring and cross linking

Our wide range of smoke condensates (Rudin®Smoke), our smoking expertise and the practical testing facilities in our tech centres enable you to make optimum use of the advantages of liquid smoke. For those in the know: think in terms of processes for dipping, drenching and atomising, flavouring and cross linking. Shorter smoking times often become possible with the same final results, which generally results in a capacity improvement, less pollution in the system and therefore less cleaning costs.

Rudin®CleanSmoke for atomizing

Liquid smoking offers all kinds of advantages, though switching to the system may entail considerable investments such as a new smoking cabinet. We look forward to helping you make the move, and test the varieties of liquid smoke at your location, thanks to our mobile atomisation unit. Your benefit? You can experience it and decide for yourself whether you wish to invest in a new smoking cabinet or in a mobile unit in combination with your existing smoking cabinet. And are you looking to optimise your production process? Once again, you have come to the right address!

A wide range of Rudin®Smoke powder and oil

Besides liquid smoke, we can also offer you Rudin®Smoke powders, suitable for dry products such as spice blends. Or how about Rudin®Smoke oil? It’s produced via an extraction process in which the smoke aroma is captured in the oil.

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