Co-extrusion: a different way of processing

The basics are simple enough: the co-extrusion process combines two different flows of ingredients to form a single product. Our tech centres contain a number of co-extrusion machines by various manufacturers, allowing us to work with you to improve existing products or try out new ideas. Think in terms of applications such as the alginate sausage casing, stuffed bread and meat products or various types of filled liquorice.

Co-extrusion Meat

Product Developer Emiel Ligtenberg:
“You can rely on us for (co-)extrusion too!”

Co-extruding sausages on a production line

In the case of Rudin®VegaCasing, co-extrusion concerns a sausage filling on the inside with an extremely thin layer of Rudin®VegaCasing paste on the outside. Upon immersion in a calcium solution, this alginate paste becomes a thin sausage skin. Another innovative example is the triple extrusion sausage, a meat dough with not only an extruded skin based on Rudin®VegaCasing but also a stable filling!

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Co-extrusion Bakery

Application Technologist Arthur van Meerveld:
“In our tech centres, we do our best to imitate our customers’ processes, for the best possible results.”

Co-extruding dough and fillings

A good example of how Ruitenberg works is our combination of techniques and technologies from the bakery, meat and confectionery industries to form creative, innovative and functional product concepts. Take Rudin®RapiDo for example, an extrudable snack dough suitable to be filled, as an alternative for puff pastry.

Co-creating new bakery concepts

We have looked into further uses for this extrudable dough, and have experimented with the extrusion process together with colleagues from the Ruitenberg ‘meat side’. The result is Rudin®BreadCasing, a dough which can be produced on a cutter and which can be pumped using various (co-)extrusion systems.

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Co-extrusion Liquorice

Application Technologist Sander Runia:
“Liquorice extrusion is sweet innovation! That’s precisely what we do for Ruitenberg BasIQs.”

Our expertise also covers the extrusion of liquorice and confectionery. You really should join us for testing, and experience how your and our products work. Together, we can experiment with new concepts, because co-extrusion offers infinite possibilities. How about a combination with our Rudin®Fillings and Rudin®Sauce, for example?

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