Egg Replacers

Take our egg replacer Rudin®Glaze, for example

QA Officer Geert Borkent:
“When you think Ruitenberg, you think quality. Guaranteed by the FSSC certificate.”

It’s a powder which, once dissolved, gives your dough products a beautiful gloss and golden brown colour. And thanks to Rudin®Glaze Deco, decorations stick well to the surface of your products, even after freezing and baking. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of these two powders.


As far as they’re concerned, quality is an answer to the question: “does the product meet my expectations?“. They’re generally referring to the degree of colouring and gloss, but also whether it can be easily processed. ‘Quality’ is much more all-encompassing for us; it’s a component in all aspects of our company, from the birth of an idea to the production and delivery of our products.

At Ruitenberg, we mainly produce specific products for customers, who naturally want to know all about their composition and quality. Any questions? We’ll be pleased to answer them!


We can provide you with various types of batters and coatings. Rudin®Coating was specially developed to help keep decorations in place on various surfaces, in both bakery and meat products. Rudin®Batter gives a crunchy bite, whether it’s for an oven-baked or deep-fried product, for meat, fish or vegetarian options. We apply our know-how of ingredients in order to optimise the adhesion, structure and mouth feel. For any application.

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