Functional Fillings

Bake-stable, freeze-thaw stable fillings

Product Developer Marcel Steman:
“If you’re looking for functional fillings, look no further.”

Our Rudin®Fillings are bake-stable, freeze-thaw stable, and have many different uses. In order to keep a filling stable after baking, we deploy our expertise in thickening agents, combining the various ingredients correctly to give a high-quality and unique finished product.

Thanks to our experience, the filling in a croissant stays nicely in place, without affecting eating properties. After all, fillings need to be tasty and mouthwatering at all times! Each ingredient has its own unique properties of which we take advantage.

Looking for a more liquid solution like Rudin®Sauce?

If you prefer a product which flows out nicely upon dosing, our Rudin®Sauce concept is the one for you. This sauce allows you to dose it in your product on the right spot.

While Rudin®Sauce has a firm appearance when dosing, it turns into a creamy, smooth texture after heating, but it will not run out of the product while baking. By combining various ingredients, we’ll be able to develop unique textures in this process too. Naturally, Rudin®Sauce is also bake stable and freeze/thaw stable. It can be used perfectly well as a component in ready-made meal concepts and can be combined with both fish, meat and potato.

Tailor-made concepts for each and every customer

We are accustomed to devising just the right solution for each customer. In close cooperation with you, our team of product technologists, product developers and application technologists will find the best solution which is easily applicable in practice. Our application technologist supervises the entire process, right up until successful implementation on your own production line.

While we’re pretty imaginative, you, the customer, will always be our most important link in this development process. That’s why we’re pleased to invite you to try out your own ideas for fillings and sauces in one of our tech centres.

So, how can we help you?

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