Protein Technology

Application Technologist Sabrina Buitenhuis:
“A ready-to-use protein structure for meat substitutes. You determine the flavour and juiciness.”

Rudin®ProVega: protein structures for meat alternatives

These days, a growing number of consumers is adopting a flexitarian or vegetarian diet. Reasons for choosing such a diet range from health to sustainability to animal welfare.

At Ruitenberg, we respond to these consumer needs by presenting our Rudin®ProVega, a protein structure that can be used as a substitute for meat. Thanks to an innovative process, we succeeded in creating a protein structure base with a unique texture, juiciness and bite. Moreover, various protein sources qualify for this process. In close co-operation with you, we can customize this protein structure to your specific taste and preferences.

What does Rudin®ProVega make unique?

The fact that we can adapt this concept to your requirements. Our R&D staff will be pleased to develop and test your product ideas with you. Rudin®ProVega is easily applicable on a meat-processing line, which enables an efficient production.

Which protein sources are suitable?

We can create the Rudin®ProVega structure from different protein sources, both animal-based, such as Egg and Whey, and plant-based, such as Pea, Soy, and Faba bean. Rudin®ProVega is available as a protein structure and as a ready-to-use blend of all ingredients which contributes to a tasty vegetarian product.

What type of products can be made?

Rudin®ProVega will enable you to develop meat substitutes for products like nuggets, patties, snacks, kebab and pulled porc. Or, alternatively, to make vegetarian fillings for sausage rolls or other snacks.

How can we help you?

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