Pioneering in industrial food printing

Did you know that we’ve been looking into innovative ingredient mixtures allowing the printing of functionality or decorations on food for some years now? While developing our ‘edible ink’ Rudin®Jet, we gained valuable knowledge and expertise in 2D food printing that we can benefit from while exploring the possibilities for 3D food printing.

So when we learned about the PrintYourFood project, a joint initiative from both Wageningen University and Eindhoven University, we decided to share our expertise and collaborate with them in this research project. Recently, the project was granted funding from the Dutch NWO.

The aim is to create personalized and healthy 3D-printed food with a food printer. Our contribution consists of the solid expertise we have in rheology and structural behaviour of ingredients. While participating in this research project, our main goal will be to connect the functionality of the ingredient mixtures with their printability and building up a 3D structure. Our ambition is to develop ways to better understand and predict the printability of ingredients.


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